Good Life Adjustable Bases

Relaxing Sleep Without Pain or Snoring

Good Life Adjustable Base

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Reimagine restful sleep with a simple, affordable, and drug-free solution.
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Good Life Adjustable Base Pro

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Feel the benefits of sleeping elevated—plus the deep relaxation of a nightly massage.
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Good Life Adjustable Base Premier

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Experience top-of-the-line customization and comfort with head tilt and lumbar support.
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Pain Relief Is
Seconds Away

With a Good Life™ Adjustable Bed Base, it’s as simple as pressing a button and within seconds, feeling the relief of relaxing at an incline.

Research has shown that sleeping at an incline on an adjustable bed base can relieve pressure and pain in the back, neck, and hips. Raising your feet up after a long day feels really amazing, too.

Snoring Solved

Dr. Mehmet Oz developed a revolutionary sleep setting designed for just one thing—to significantly reduce snoring, instantly.

Dr. Oz and his team of sleep software engineers developed a patent-pending neural network that detects snores and gently adjusts the adjustable base head to the exact angle where snoring stops and restorative sleep starts.

Relaxing Dual-Zone

Nothing says luxurious relaxation like massage. Now you can enjoy back and leg vibration massage from the comfort of your bed. Designed to target high-stress areas like shoulders and calves, our dual-zone massage settings help to relax tight muscles as you wind down for a great night’s sleep.

Clinically Tested

31% to 0%

Based on an independent SleepScore™ lab study, 31% of participants reported being woken up by their own snoring almost every night. After sleeping on a Good Life™ adjustable bed base in the Oz Anti-Snore position, that dropped to 0%.

Participants also saw a statistically 
significant increase in:




Dr. Oz

“I designed Dr. Oz Good Life™ for you. It’s the first step to getting the sleep you’ve craved for years. Now you can stop snoring, stop dreading bedtime—and start waking up with energy, focus, and confidence.”

— Dr. Mehmet Oz

Considering an adjustable base bed? They are an exciting new bedding category that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. That’s because they are proven to improve your sleep. Having an adjustable bed simply means you no longer have to sleep flat. An adjustable base is divided into two sections that adjust, simply put: the head and foot panels move. This allows you to sit up or put your feet up. Experience the Dr. Oz Adjustable Bed designed to stop snoring for good. Have you heard your friends talking about the massage bed? Yes, the Dr. Oz Adjustable Base has dual-zone massage so you can really relax. The new Doctor Oz adjustable bed is also proven to reduce snoring when you select the pre-programmed Oz Anti Snore position. But what about sizing? What is the difference between a King Size adjustable bed or the Split King bed? A Split King bed is a King Size bed but split evenly down the middle. This is great if you and your partner want to adjust your adjustable base independently.