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Stay in Bed™ EngineeredDown™ Comforter

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All the comfort of down without any real feathers, great for allergy sufferers.
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"Good Life™ comforters have bacteria-killing silver fibers woven throughout the surface so your bed is cleaner and safer."

— Dr. Mehmet Oz

Temparature Regulation

Looking for a beautiful, cozy comforter? The Dr. Oz comforter collection offers several options including down comforters and down alternative comforters. A simple, white comforter also functions as a duvet insert that works with a duvet cover. The Doctor Oz comforters all come with duvet loops that allow you to secure the corners for a better fit. But what really sets Good Life comforters apart is the woven silver fibers. These antibacterial threads have been shown to inhibit bacteria so your sleep space is cleaner and healthier.