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Weighted Blankets

Good Life™ Weighted Blanket

Explore the benefits of a weighted blanket on mood and mental health. Deep pressure therapy has been shown to increase relaxation and a sense of calm.

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Center Yourself™ Dual-Sided Weighted Blanket

Tap into deeper relaxation and calm with this premium weighted blanket featuring cool and warm fabrics.
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"Deep pressure therapy with a weighted blanket is a great way to relax after a stressful day."

— Dr. Mehmet Oz

Temparature Regulation

    Looking for a therapy blanket? The Dr. Oz weighted blanket is an excellent choice. It features dual fabrics so you get warm fleece on one side and cool TENCEL™ on the other side. The Doctor Oz weighted blanket also features glass beads. The best weighted blanket available, the Dr Oz weighted blanket brings you all the best features for the best therapy blanket experience.