Aromatherapy is a centuries-old practice where people use essential oils to improve their health by smelling various scents. Recently, more and more people have been turning to aromatherapy as they look for natural ways to improve their sleep. But how does aromatherapy work, and how can it help you sleep? 

How Aromatherapy Works 

First, let’s explain how aromatherapy works. When an individual inhales a scent, it stimulates the part of the brain that’s connected to smell. After that part of the brain is stimulated, it sends signals to the parts of the brain that are linked to heart rate, emotions, memory, stress, hormone balance, and breathing. Those parts of the brain then activate in a variety of ways depending on the smell. For example, if someone breaths in lavender, they will feel more relaxed. However, if someone breaths in nutmeg, they will likely feel energized.  

Aromatherapy and Sleep 

Smells don’t only affect us while we’re awake; they also affect us while we sleep, which is great news. That means you can use aromatherapy if you have trouble sleeping or are suffering from insomnia. In fact, several studies have shown that aromatherapy can increase the quality of sleep. While aromatherapy isn’t guaranteed to cure insomnia, it may help someone with insomnia get to sleep faster and sleep better.  

The Right Sleep Scents 

A word of warning: not all essential oils will help you sleep, so it’s important to know which ones will work. Some of the best essential oils to help you sleep are lavender, citrus, and sage. Lavender has a calming effect that soothes racing minds. Citrus is also calming, but it has more of a tranquil tropic smell. Sage, on the other hand, encourages relaxation so you can fall asleep faster.  

Pura and Dr. Oz 

To help you experience the sleep benefits of aromatherapy, we teamed up with Pura to combine smart fragrance technology with the science of scent. We developed two scents, Deep Sleep and Rise and Shine, to help your sleep experience, and you can conveniently control your diffuser from your smartphone with the free Pura app. You can schedule the Deep Sleep scent to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer and the Rise and Shine scent to help you wake up energized and refreshed.  

If your having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, aromatherapy can be a great, natural way of enhancing your sleep experience. Make sure you use the right essential oils and scents, and you’ll be ready to drift off to sleep.  

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