With summer ending and winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how those cold nights could affect your sleep. Although it may seem counterintuitive, cool winter weather can actually improve your sleep. However, one of the unfortunate side effects of winter is the dreaded cold bed, so we’ve come up with one simple solution that will keep you warm and cozy all winter long.  

Cooler Temperatures 

First things first. How can winter improve your sleep? Scientists have proven that people sleep better in cool environments, and here’s why. Professor Matthew Walker explains in his book, Why We Sleep, that our body temperature needs to decrease by 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit to initiate and maintain sleep, and cooler temperatures can help with that. In fact, it’s recommended that you sleep somewhere between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit to get optimal sleep. Though that may seem cold, the cooler temperatures signal to your body that it is time to go to sleep. If you aren’t quite ready to sleep in a 60-degree room but are having trouble sleeping, try dropping your thermostat down by 3-5 degrees.  

Layer Up 

While sleeping in a cool room can help you sleep, getting too cold can wake you up and prevent you from getting the rest you need. One simple trick to prevent you from waking up because of the cold is to layer up. Now, that may sound like common sense, but adding more layers to your bedding is truly one of the best ways to stay warm. You do have to think about what material the bedding is made of, though. Some materials are better at keeping you warm than others. We’ll walk you through how different bedding layers can keep you warm and cozy, starting from the bottom to the top.  

Mattress Protectors 

You may be surprised to see mattress protectors on this list, since we only think of them protecting mattresses, but there are so many mattress protectors that are made of materials that can keep you warm. For example, our Safe in Bed encasement protector is made of TENCEL™ lyocell fabric, which regulates your body temperature, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  


It’s time to pull out those top sheets again and get using them in the winter. During the summer, it’s common to use a cotton sheet to keep you cool, but there are so many sheet options that can help you stay warm. One of the most common warming sheet materials is flannel. Flannel is thicker and retains heat, so you feel nice and toasty.  

Down Comforters 

The down comforter is one of the best pieces of bedding to keep you warm in the winter. Down has little air pockets in it that trap body heat to keep you warm and cozy, and down comforters are incredibly comfortable. Some people are allergic to down, but there are plenty of down alternatives out there that have the same benefits as traditional down without any of the feathers. Our EngineeredDown comforter is a great option for people who want all the benefits of down without the allergies or poky feathers.  


You probably don’t typically think of a duvet as a piece of bedding that can help you stay warm, but it’s another layer you can add to your bedding, so it works. If you get a duvet in a material that helps you stay warm, like flannel or microfiber, it will have a similar effect as a warm sheet. Duvets also add more air pockets that trap heat to keep you warm.  

Throw Blankets 

Throw blankets are a fun way to add extra layers—and warmth—to your bedding. Getting a blanket in a thick, plush material can make you feel comfortable and warm, but there are other materials out there as well. For example, wool throw blankets are great if you want a lightweight blanket made of natural materials. Another option is to go with a weighted blanket like our Center Yourself dual-sided weighted blanket that has temperature regulating TENCEL™ lyocell fabric on one side and a warm fleece fabric on the other.  

Winter is a great opportunity for you to cozy up and get warm, but just because you can add so many layers to your bed doesn’t mean you should. Remember, cooler bedroom temperatures are better for your sleep, so pick and choose which layers you want to add to your bed. Temperature regulation is key to sleeping well, so if you want to sleep well this winter, make sure your bedding is conducive to temperature regulation for that long winter’s nap.  

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