Since 2009, Dr. Mehmet Oz has hosted The Dr. Oz Show, an Emmy Award winning daytime TV program. In those 11 years, Dr. Oz has shared insights centered around health and wellness. But one essential topic has been a favorite of Dr. Oz: sleep.

America simply isn’t getting enough. In fact, sleep is the most underappreciated habit for improving well-being. Now Dr. Oz is moving beyond educating his viewers about the importance of sleep and how to improve bedtime habits.

On September 23, Dr. Oz announced his new sleep brand: Dr. Oz Good Life™ to America. These science-based sleep products were expertly designed by Dr. Oz himself to help you fix your biggest sleep problems from snoring to back pain to overheating.

“It’s been years in the making, listening to what’s keeping you up at night that led me to roll up my sleeves and head into the factory to help design a sleep system with a doctor’s eye to take your sleep from suboptimal to incredible.”—Dr. Oz

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