If there’s one thing we know about snoring, it’s that snoring looks different for everyone. Some only saw logs when they are congested. Others snore every time they sleep on their back. Every scenario is unique. That’s why at Dr. Oz Good Life™, we believe the solution has to be just as flexible as the cause.

Dr. Oz and our product teams have been hard at work creating an elegant and effective technology that ensures your comfort while opening airways to stop the snores—and the best part is you can customize every step of the experience from our Dr. Oz Base™ app. Here’s how.

No. 1

While you sleep, your phone’s microphone monitors audio patterns and sends them to the Snore Detection center on the Dr. Oz Base™ app.

No. 2

Those patterns are then passed into a machine learning model designed by our software development team. The machine learning model was created using approximately 30,000 sound samples including snoring, silence, and other random sounds that occur throughout the night. 

No. 3

If snoring is detected, the app then sends a command to your adjustable base to move into the Oz Anti-Snore position (a 12-degree incline) to correct the snoring without waking you up.

Choose Your Own Adventure

The base can also change to any other memory or preset position, based on your preference. So if you find that your snoring stops at just a 6-degree incline, you can select that as your go-to position.

You can also decide to adjust the base the moment snoring is detected, or after up to 30 minutes of snoring. You can even choose to lower your base back down to flat once you stop snoring for a certain amount of time.

For example, you could set the bed to move to Oz Spine Relief position after 3 minutes of snoring, and then once you have stopped snoring for 10 minutes, lower the bed back down to flat. 

All of this is done while you sleep, totally hands-free.

It’s incredibly easy to customize the Dr. Oz Base™ app to meet your precise needs. And, if our convenient built-in settings work for you, you won’t need to change a thing. So if you’ve been searching for a snore solution that really works no matter what causes your snoring, a Good Life™ adjustable base is what you need for a better night’s sleep.