Silver has been used for thousands of years to inhibit bacteria growth. Today, it’s used when dressing wounds, it helps prevent infection when treating burns, and it helps reduce tooth decay—to name just a few uses in the medical world.

But can we harness the natural antibacterial power of silver in our sleep environment? I bet you didn’t know your bedding can have more bacteria than your bathroom. After all, you spend more than 30 percent of your day in bed. It’s certainly a place where germs accumulate over time.

At Dr. Oz Good Life™ we’re applying silver into bedding to make your sleep space clean, fresh, and safe. Dr. Oz and his team developed SilverScience™ technology that can kill up to 99 percent of bacteria in your sleep environment. 

We employ two approaches to silver in bedding. First, undetectable, microfine silver threads are woven into bedding fabric for long-lasting antibacterial effects that don’t irritate or wash out.

And second, a nano-silver treatment is applied that fuses silver ions onto fabrics like mattress covers to attract and destroy bacteria. SilverScience™ technology inhibits more than 650 kinds of bacteria and is totally safe on everyday household items like bedding. 

Every single piece of bedding sold by Dr. Oz Good Life™ features SilverScience™ technology. That’s significant because as you layer Good Life™ products, you’re ensuring that you and your family have cleaner, healthier beds.

It’s essential for your home to be a comfortable safe haven for your family. And you’ll definitely sleep easier knowing your bedding is doing all the hard work for you to keep your sleep space clean and fresh while you sleep.

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