So you can’t sleep. Maybe it’s too warm in your bedroom because your partner likes to turn up the thermostat. Maybe it’s too noisy because your partner snores throughout the night. There are many reasons why couples today struggle to get the rest they need.

Historically, there has been just one solution: a sleep divorce. A sleep divorce is a last-ditch effort to save your marriage by sleeping separately. And it looks different for each couple. Whether you find yourself in separate rooms or separate beds, sleeping apart is currently practiced by 23 percent of the population, according to a National Sleep Foundation poll.

Most couples cite irreconcilable differences when deciding on a sleep divorce. They include snoring, temperature preferences, hogging of the covers, and restlessness and movement.

Save Your Relationship with a Sleep System

But thanks to new advancements in sleep technology, the Dr. Oz Good Life™ sleep systems have rendered the sleep divorce unnecessary. Here’s how.

The Split King Setup

A Split King bed is the size of a King, but it’s divided into two separate mattresses called Twin XLs. The “XL” means extra long. Placed side by side, it functions as one bed.

Now, if you or your partner tend to hog the blankets, many sleepers take the Split King to the next level with individual sheets and comforters as well.

The Mattress

The Good Life™ Mattress and Hybrid Mattress Pro were designed to limit, or isolate, motion transfer. That means if your partner tosses and turns, you won’t feel a thing. Additionally, both mattresses come with cooling infusions for a more comfortable sleep space.

The Adjustable Base

The Split King setup paired with an adjustable bed base is where the real magic happens. The Good Life™ Adjustable Base and Pro models are designed to significantly reduce snoring. By selecting the Anti-Snore setting, the base lifts your head, opens your airways, and stops snoring. If one partner snores, they can sleep in the elevated position while their partner can independently maintain their own sleep position.

To test the effectiveness of the Good Life™ Anti-Snore position, a third-party sleep study was conducted by SleepScore. Their findings were incredible.

“Before using the adjustable bed base, 80% of the participants who slept with a partner reported that their partner would wake them up to stop snoring, ranging from weekly to every night. At the end of the study, 90% said their partner never or rarely woke them up to stop snoring.”

The Snore Detection

The Dr. Oz Good Life™ Sleep System takes it all one step further with patent-pending artificial intelligence that detects snoring throughout the night—and then automatically adjusts the base into the Anti-Snore position. That means if your partner starts snoring halfway through the night, the base will adjust their upper body until they stop snoring—all without disturbing you or your partner.

If you’re suffering from poor sleep due to your partner’s disruptive sleep behavior, there’s hope. Check out a Dr. Oz Good Life™ Sleep System in a Split King setup and you and your partner can finally get the sleep you desperately need and deserve.