In the past, massages were an unattainable luxury. Think women with cucumber-covered eyes and shirtless, Swedish masseurs. Today, with American’s focusing more and more on their physical and mental well-being, massage therapy has become an affordable and easy way to boost your health.

Adding a daily massage to your routine can also help your overall health. The American Massage Therapy Association lists 8 ways massages can keep you happy and healthy:

Reduce Stress

The long-term effects of stress can take emotional and physical tolls on the body and mind. Massage therapy can help to relieve stress, which may relieve associated conditions including tension headaches or high blood pressure when combined with medications.

Boost Immunity

Medical research indicates that massage therapy can affect the immune system and increase the activity level of the body’s natural "killer T cells," which play a role in fighting infection.

Boost Mental Health

Research suggests massage therapy can improve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, and may boost overall mental health.

Manage Pain

Recent findings highlight the role of massage in pain management for conditions like low-back pain, fibromyalgia, and arthritis. 

Recover from Physical Activity

Some studies have indicated that massage therapy may help reduce muscle soreness, stiffness, and fatigue and may be related to improved recovery after certain types of exercise. 

Target Problem Areas

Neck pain is the eighth leading cause of disability in the United States and accounts for more than 10 million ambulatory medical care visits per year. Research suggests that multiple massages per week can help those with chronic neck pain. 

Promote Health

People of all ages can find massage therapy as a helpful way to maintain overall health and well-being. Massage can help with weight gain in pre-term infants. It can also help decrease blood pressure and improve stability in older adults.

Achieve Health Goals

Massage can help you achieve your health and wellness goals–from improved fitness to pain and stress management. 

Dr. Oz has long been a proponent of the benefits of massage therapy on the body and mind. That’s why, when creating his Dr. Oz Good LifeTM sleep products, he made sure to include a vibrating massage as one of the key features of his adjustable bases.

Available in the Good LifeTM Adjustable Base Premier and Good LifeTM Adjustable Base Pro, the dual-zone, premium massage settings are designed to target high-stress areas like the back and legs, perfect for relaxing tight muscles as you wind down for a great night’s sleep.

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