Sleep. The Final Frontier.  

Sleep is that one thing every human needs to function properly throughout the day, yet not all of us are getting the sleep we need. In fact, insufficient sleep is one of the biggest health problems people face.  

Insufficient sleep can be caused by anything from bedtime procrastination to acid reflux, and we want to help you tackle what is preventing you from getting enough sleep. To do that, we’ve developed the Sleep System Premier—a combination of a premier mattress and a premier adjustable base—which addresses issues such as sleeping hot, snoring, and back pain.  

Sleeping Hot 

Sleep and body temperature have an interesting relationship. Research has shown that our core body temperature declines when we fall asleep. Because of that temperature decline, we tend to sleep better in cooler environments. However, some people get hot when they sleep, causing a disruption in a person’s sleep cycle.  

To help people sleep cooler at night and increase their sleep quality, we developed the SleepDegree™ cover and placed it on our Hybrid Mattress Premier. The SleepDegree cover actively sleeps 8 degrees cooler than our Good Life Mattress and uses technology created by NASA that actively absorbs heat when it gets too hot and releases heat when it gets too cold. This technology helps regulate body temperature throughout the night so you no longer wake up with sweaty sheets.  


Snoring is a widespread issue that affects about 57% of men and 40% of women in the United States. It is caused when the tissues at the back of the throat relax and flutter against each other. Although relatively harmless, snoring can wake you up in the middle of the night. And it can disrupt your partner’s sleep as well—and they’ll let you know about it.  

We recognize that snoring is a widespread problem people are facing nightly, which is why Dr. Oz and our team created snore-stopping adjustable bed bases.  Our adjustable bed bases were tested in an independent study conducted by SleepScore™ Labs. As part of the study, participants were asked how often they were woken up by their own snoring. Before sleeping on an adjustable base, 31% of participants woke themselves up almost every night. After sleeping elevated on a Dr. Oz Good Life™ adjustable base in the Oz Anti-Snore position, that dropped to 0%.  

Back Pain 

Back pain is one of those problems that can affect people while they are awake, but it also influences how well people sleep. Studies show there is a distinct relation between sleep issues and back pain. People who have back pain may have trouble sleeping which can cause sleep problems which can increase pain. It is a vicious cycle that can be hard to deal with. Waking up with lower back pain can also be an indicator that you need to change your sleep position or get a new mattress.   

In order to combat back pain, we have several supportive elements in our Sleep System Premier.  The premier adjustable base has added lumbar support so you can customize the support for your lower back. We also took care to think about your neck by adding head tilt for optimal spinal alignment. The premier mattress also offers perfect medium support. Memory foam gently contours to your body while the individually encased steel coils offer the correct amount of support right where you need it.  

Sleep Restored 

Getting enough sleep is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it can be difficult to get enough sleep when you’re experiencing problems sleeping. The Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System Premier tackles sleep-related issues such as sleeping hot, snoring, back pain, and more. But don’t take our word for it.  Check out the Dr. Oz Good Life Sleep System Premier today.