Snoring is a big problem for many people. In fact, about 50 percent of people will snore sometime during their lives. And roughly 37 million Americans are dealing with the effects of snoring right now. If snoring is the cause of you losing precious sleep, an adjustable bed base is a proven solution that works from the very first night.

Simply connect your Dr. Oz Good Life™ adjustable bed base to your smart phone to access the latest sleep technology on the market. The Dr. Oz Base™ app works as a remote for your base with all the same functionality, and a few extras.

The coolest feature is the app’s ability to know when you’re snoring—and then to take action to help you breathe better.

Using over 500 unique audio samples, we created a patent-pending neural network trained to recognize the underlying patterns in human snores. The Anti-Snore feature in the Dr. Oz Base™ app uses artificial intelligence to detect your snores, then automatically elevates your base to clear your airway and help you breathe easier. You can even customize your experience by selecting if you want to return to flat after a certain amount of time elevated.

Our Oz Anti-Snore position was clinically tested by a third-party sleep lab. Before trying an adjustable bed base, 31 percent of all study participants woke themselves up as often as every night by snoring—that dropped to zero percent when sleeping elevated. And 80 percent of study participants who slept with a partner reported that—before sleeping elevated—their partner would wake them up to stop their snoring as often as every night. At the end of the study, 90 percent said their partner never or rarely woke them up to stop snoring.

Dr. Oz Good Life™ offers science-based sleep solutions for you and your family. Explore our adjustable bed bases paired with artificial intelligence to improve your rest and relaxation.

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