More than 37 million Americans are losing sleep every night to snoring. And an estimated 50 million people suffer from chronic pain that affects how well they sleep at night. If you find yourself waking up exhausted, it’s time to consider a complete sleep overhaul.

America’s sleep problem has kept Dr. Mehmet Oz up at night for years. In fact, it is the catalyst behind the Good Life™ sleep brand Dr. Oz just launched.

“Sleep is crucial for your overall health and well-being,” shared Dr. Oz, world-renowned cardiac surgeon, author, and host of “The Dr. Oz Show.” “Americans are simply not getting enough. In fact, the negative effects of insufficient sleep are the No. 1 health problem people are now waking up to. I want to democratize high quality sleep by creating science-based solutions needed to live a good life.”

Part 1: The Adjustable Bed Base

Introducing the Good Life™ Sleep System—it combines cutting-edge technology and sleep science into an incredibly advanced solution to snoring and nighttime aches and pain.

It starts with an adjustable bed base, which introduces the revolutionary concept of sleeping at an incline. Studies have shown that sleeping with your head elevated may reduce snoring, improve sleep apnea, and decrease acid reflux and heartburn.

Elevating your legs at the end of a long day has been shown to reduce back, neck, and hip pain while decreasing swelling in tired legs and feet.

Other features include pre-programmed positions (Oz Spine Relief and Oz Anti-Snore) designed by Dr. Oz to help you find the perfect position to ease pressure points and to stop snoring. Download the free Dr. Oz Base™ app and access an incredible feature: Snore Detection.

The patent-pending Snore Detection feature in our app uses artificial intelligence to detect your snores, then seamlessly adjusts your bed. It’s all automatic and hands-free, so your sleep is never disturbed.

The Dr. Oz Good Life™ adjustable bed bases were even tested by an independent lab study called SleepScore™. They found that 31 percent of the study participants reported being woken up by their own snoring almost every night. After sleeping in the Anti-Snore position, that number dropped to zero percent.

Participants also saw a statistically significant increase in sleeping through the night (up 24 percent), feeling well-rested in the morning (up 36 percent), and sleep satisfaction (up 53 percent).

And depending on which sleep system you choose, you can also access additional features like dual-zone massage, under-bed nightlights, and adjustable leg heights.

Part 2: The Mattress

If you wake up often throughout the night with back pain, ask yourself: “How old is my mattress?” If your answer is a number larger than 8, you need to consider a new mattress.

When you choose a Good Life™ Sleep System, you receive both an adjustable bed base and a new, cutting-edge mattress. In each of our mattresses, we layer premium foam to create incredibly supportive and comfortable mattresses.

Every design detail of our Good Life™ mattresses supports airflow and cooling so you can stay comfortable—especially if you are a warm sleeper. Our Pro mattress even incorporates a base layer of zoned coils that enhances airflow while minimizing motion transfer so if your partner readjusts during the night, you won’t feel a thing.

But what’s especially interesting is the mattress cover. Our nano-silver treatment fuses silver ions onto our Good Life™ mattress covers to attract and destroy almost 100 percent of bacteria. Because we all know that sleeping in a clean, fresh environment has never been more important.

Don’t Wait, It’s Time

Ultimately, you can’t afford to miss out on good sleep any longer. Sleep is directly tied to your mental and physical health. Waking up exhausted takes a serious toll on every aspect of your life—and it’s time to make a change. The Good Life™ Sleep System is that total sleep overhaul that brings comfort and science together for real solutions so you can start sleeping, and living, better.

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