Most Americans face a common problem: too little, or low-quality, sleep. Snoring, discomfort, back pain, and heartburn limit truly restorative sleep.

That’s why Dr. Oz and his team designed two adjustable bed bases for the Dr. Oz Good Life™ launch. Because when you sleep elevated, you can reduce snoring, decrease heartburn and acid reflux, and improve your overall comfort.

SleepScore™ Labs, a third-party sleep lab, conducted an in-depth sleep study to assess the benefits of sleeping on a Good Life™ adjustable base.

That study found that when using the adjustable bed base, participants got more deep sleep. Their sleep was improved: they experienced fewer awakenings, they felt more rested, and their snoring was significantly reduced.

Before trying an adjustable bed base, 31 percent of all study participants woke themselves up as often as every night by snoring—that dropped to zero percent when sleeping elevated. And 80 percent of study participants who slept with a partner reported that—before sleeping elevated—their partner would wake them up to stop their snoring as often as every night. At the end of the study, 90 percent said their partner never or rarely woke them up to stop snoring.

At Dr. Oz Good Life™, we believe the best sleep comes from sleeping elevated—not flat. Research suggests that elevating your head by as little as 15 degrees can significantly reduce snoring. But we wanted to make it as easy as possible to access those benefits. So we developed the Oz Anti-Snore position and the Dr. Oz Base™ App to help optimize your sleep with just the click of a button.

The base connects to your smart phone as well as the app, giving you access to the freshest sleep technology on the market. The app works as a remote for your base. But the coolest feature is the built-in neural network engineered to detect human snore patterns.

The Oz Snore Detection feature hears when you snore and automatically elevates your base to clear your airway and help you breathe easier—and help your partner sleep soundly.

The Pro model also has additional features like massage motors, so you can feel the benefits of a daily massage. The multi-zone massage feature targets your back and legs for maximum comfort and relaxation in high-stress areas.

Ultimately, the Good Life™ adjustable bases are designed to improve your health and your comfort leading to better sleep.

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