Many down alternative pillows are filled with cheap polyester that clumps easily. Overtime, those pillows can become lumpy and uncomfortable.

At Dr. Oz Good Life™, we love down alternative—done right.

Our premium polyester fibers mimic the feel of down thanks to their finer construction. But the real secret is in the gel coating. That’s right, we coat the EngineeredDown™ with tiny gel particles. It prevents clumping for a more even fill. Plus, it enhances the softness of the fibers for extra comfort.

Another element of classic down pillows is how beautiful and fluffy they are. We wanted to build on that tradition with a premium fill that’s easy to shape. Our EngineeredDown™ fill is great no matter how you sleep—on your side, back, or stomach. Plus our fill has a nice springy feel that requires less fluffing than traditional down.

Our EngineeredDown™ fiber is also temperature neutral. If you’re a hot sleeper, real down and feathers can trap your body heat and warm up your sleep space. But our down alternative fill is breathable, helping you sleep cooler.

We can’t forget the pillow cover. That’s an important element in keeping your bed comfortable and clean. Our cotton cover comes in a beautiful silky-sateen weave. It’s a tighter weave than most down alternative pillows, which helps to inhibit dust mites.

Our covers also feature antibacterial SilverScience™ threads woven throughout the cotton. Studies have shown silver to kill up to 99 percent of bacteria when used in soft textiles like bedding. That’s the Dr. Oz Good Life™ promise: incredible comfort backed by scientific solutions for better health and wellness.

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