NEW YORK CITY–Dr. Oz Good Life™ has launched the Sleep System Premier designed to improve bedtime and morning routines and promote a lifestyle centered on health and optimal comfort. The new sleep system includes the Hybrid Mattress Premier with cooling SleepDegree™ technology and antibacterial SilverScience™ technology, plus the Adjustable Base Premier with Snore Detection through the Dr. Oz Base™ app. The Sleep System Premier is sold exclusively online at

The Hybrid Mattress Premier has a 13-inch profile and combines the benefits of traditional innerspring and premium foam mattresses for pressure-relieving support. The mattress also incorporates SleepDegree™ technology, developed by NASA, that actively helps individuals sleep eight degrees cooler. Every Good Life™ mattress is paired with a breathable, antibacterial cover that destroys almost 100 percent of bacteria for a healthier sleep environment. 

The Adjustable Base Premier includes innovative elements, such as head tilt and lumbar support, that can help relieve snoring, back pain and acid reflux. The adjustable base can be controlled with the provided remote or through the Dr. Oz Base™ app. With the app, individuals can select the Snore Detection setting that uses clinically-tested artificial intelligence to eliminate snoring. 

“I’m excited to finally introduce the Sleep System Premier, which will revolutionize the way you relax at home,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz. “It includes all the benefits of the other Good Life™ Sleep Systems, but has even more premium features that will help you wake up feeling refreshed.”

All three Good Life™ Sleep Systems (Basic, Pro and Premier) are now available online at Other Good Life™ products (mattresses, pillows, toppers) are sold in Macy’s retail stores and at