Good Life Sleep System Pro

Your Solution for Pain Relief and Snoring

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Good Life Sleep System Pro
Good Life Sleep System Pro
Good Life Sleep System Pro
Good Life Sleep System Pro
Good Life Sleep System Pro
Good Life Sleep System Pro
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Good Life Sleep System Pro

Your Solution for Pain Relief and Snoring



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$110/mo. with 24 month financing

Ease Pain and Stop Snoring

Transform your sleep from sub-optimal to restorative with one simple change. Bring home the Good Life Sleep System Pro, which combines the Adjustable Base Pro and Hybrid Mattress Pro—designed to ease back, hip, and neck pain so you can feel revitalized and refreshed every morning.

Proven sleep science and premium comfort features combine to help you tackle major sleep issues like snoring, back pain, acid reflux, and most important—poor quality sleep. The Sleep System Pro represents the best technology on the market and every detail was exclusively developed by Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Innovate Your Sleep

The revolutionary Adjustable Base Pro and Hybrid Mattress Pro work together to create a sleep environment that offers you the priceless gift of improved sleep. Now you and your partner can sleep in comfort—and quiet—for the best sleep of your lives.

Designed for Optimal Health Benefits

The Adjustable Bed Base Pro is scientifically proven to improve sleep and comfort. With premium features like soothing dual-zone massage, underbed lighting, and pre-programmed settings designed by Dr. Oz to maximize your results, this base will leave you looking forward to getting into bed every single night.

Cutting-Edge Pressure Relief

Finding a mattress that supports your curves, aligns your spine, and eases pressure points is essential to great sleep. The Hybrid Mattress Pro supports any sleep position whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. Individually encased steel coils pair with four premium foams for a plush but supportive feel.

Clinically Tested

31% to 0%

Based on an independent SleepScore™ lab study, 31% of participants reported being woken up by their own snoring almost every night. After sleeping on a Good Life™ adjustable bed base in the Oz Anti-Snore position, that dropped to 0%.

Participants also saw a statistically 
significant increase in:




Automatic Snore Solutions While You Sleep

The patent-pending Snore Detection feature in our app uses artificial intelligence to detect your snores, then seamlessly adjusts your bed. It’s all automatic and hands free, so your sleep is never disturbed.

Soothing Dual-Zone Massage

Drift off to sleep to the gentle lull of vibration massage targeting high-stress areas like your back and legs with our dual-zone massage feature.

Built to Compliment Your Style

You can remove the legs of this adjustable bed base and place it directly on a platform bed frame, metal grid, or wooden slats—it requires zero clearance space. Or, let it show. The sleek base is upholstered in linen-like fabric and fits with most décor.

Cleaner Sleep with Silver

Our state-of-the-art SilverScience™ treatment fuses silver ions onto our mattress covers. Silver ions have been shown to attract and destroy 99 percent of 650 different types of bacteria. This antibacterial application is totally safe and keeps your bedding fresh and clean.

Comfort Solutions for Every Day

Charge Your Phone While You Sleep

Easily and quickly charge all your electronics directly from your adjustable bed base with both USB and USB-C port options.

No More Stumbling in the Dark

Prevent bruised shins and stubbed toes with underbed LED lighting. The subtle, warm light illuminates your path through a darkened room without waking your partner.

Brilliant Design for Ultimate Convenience

The wireless, LED-backlit remote makes it easy to adjust your base in the dark and includes a flashlight. For a Split King setup, the remote features a Quick Sync Toggle that moves seamlessly between bases.

120-Night, Risk-Free Trial

We offer a 120-night, risk-free trial of all Good Life™ mattresses. Studies show that it takes about 21 days to adjust to a new mattress, so we’ve given you plenty of time to fall in love.

Free Shipping and Returns

Shipping costs shouldn’t be the barrier between you and better sleep. We offer free shipping on all orders as well as free returns up to 30 days (120 days on mattresses).

Hassle-Free Financing

It’s time to start reaching your sleep potential. Our financing options help you get premium, cutting-edge bedding in your home faster. Take advantage of special offers found on individual product pages.

Good Life Sleep System Pro Reviews

Sleep System FAQs

How does medium-plush feel vs. medium-firm?

The firmness and plushness of a mattress is subjective based on personal preferences. Firm, medium, and plush mattress descriptions are based on a comparison scale of all Good Life™ mattresses. Memory foam feels different from a traditional spring mattress, and it is not suggested that you expect a plush memory foam mattress to have the same firmness of a plush innerspring mattress.

What are the differences between the Pro, Premier, and the regular Good Life™ adjustable bases?

The Good Life™ Adjustable Base offers all the health benefits of sleeping elevated at a lower price. The Pro includes more premium features, like dual-zone massage, adjustable leg height, and underbed lighting. And the Premier is focused on ergonomic upgrades like head tilt and lumbar support that make a big difference to comfort and quality of sleep and relaxation.

How do I set up my new mattress?

Place the box in the room where it will reside. Remove the outer carton. Place the mattress on a flat surface in a well-ventilated room. Carefully remove the plastic wrapping, taking care not to cut the mattress or cover. Be sure the non-slip side is on the bottom. Let the mattress expand for 48 hours.

How long does it take to adjust to my new mattress?

Changing to any type of new mattress takes a brief adjustment period—typically three weeks. Memory foam mattresses are designed to properly align the spine and neck. While the adjustment period is different for everyone, it could take one to three weeks to adjust to your new mattress.

Do you make a King-size adjustable base?

Yes! Two Twin XL bases next to each other form a King-sized adjustable base. This way, each sleeper can choose their preferred settings without disturbing their partner.

What leg sizes are available?

The Good Life™ Adjustable Base comes with 12-inch legs. The Pro model comes with two leg sizes: 5-inch and 7-inch. You can use them separately or combine them for three different deck heights: 5, 7, or 12 inches. The Premier comes with multiple options as well: two 3-inch legs and a 6-inch leg. Use separately or combine them for four deck height options: 3, 6, 9, or 12 inches.